Monday, 25 June 2012

Marble Loaf Cake - The Weekly Bake Off

Last weeks bake was Mary's marble loaf cake. I haven't taken part in the weekly bake off for a while mainly due to moving and losing my baking mojo.

However when the football came on the TV on Sunday I decided to spend my time baking instead.

Anyway back to the cake. A fairly easy one to make the mixture is one of those where you just slap bang all the ingredients in the bowl together and whisk it up. Mary Berry's cake in the picture is very elegant and has a particular pattern to it, however she doesn't seem to want to share how to make this pattern.

Once in the oven you're told it will take 50-60 mins and mine pushed the top end of that. My cake tin I fear was a little too small as it rose quite a lot (I had to move a shelf half way through baking) and struggled to get it out when it was finished.

I didn't heat my butter in a pan to melt it as it had been sat in a hot kitchen all day and was very soft so I just gave it a bit of a whisk with a fork and blended the cocoa icing sugar and milk with the fork still in the bowl.

I popped my cake in the fridge for a while and then melted some white chocolate. I used more than recommended as 25g seemed a little stingy and I went for pretty much most of the large bar.

So here is my bake!


  1. What a lovely bake! 25g of chocolate definitely sounds too stingy. Yours definitely has a healthy drizzle. I've recently fallen back in love with making marble cakes. They're fun and so simple to bake.

  2. Mmm wish I had joined in with this one - may need to bake it anyway haha x

  3. This was my first ever loaf cake and my first ever marble cake! I was worried that a loaf would be dry, and that the marble effect would just merge. This cake proved me wrong on both counts! I wont hesitate in future to make a loaf or a marble cake.