Sunday, 19 February 2012

An Introduction...

The purpose of this blog is purely selfish. I want to learn how to be a domestic goddess.

There are many definitions of 'Domestic Goddess', mainly those attributing the domestic goddess to being a homemaker, a woman who effortlessly keeps the house in order whilst being the ultimate entertainer, cook and baker. I did find wikipedia's definitions amusing.. type in domestic goddess to wikipedia and it comes up with Nigella Lawson, a household deity or an American cooking show.

Unfortunately I am not attempting to be a household deity:

A spirit who protects the home and key members within, often being invited to attend family meals and shines built in order to please and maintain the 'domestic goddess'.

I will be more attempting to be the domestic goddess in the Nigella sense of the phrase, by attempting to cook and bake my way to household perfection.

(I bought this book in the January sales)

I am not a stay at home mum, in fact I don't even have any children, I'm not a housewife, I'm not even married. I work full time, I intend to make a career for myself but I also want to be able to do all that housewives of the past have done too. I want to know how to make the perfect steak pie, cheesecake, cupcake, croquembouche even?

So join me on my discovery to domestic goddessness occasionally sharing recipes I have created and reviewing those I have followed.

I am making a promise to you that I will post all my attempts, even those which haven't turned out so well, see my mistakes and how I learn not to make the same ones again. Obviously I will be sharing my successes and triumph's which I hope will lead me on my way to becoming the domestic goddess I wish to be.

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